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Any private pilot here?

My daughter sent me lately a few photographs from quite some time ago, bringing back memories of  flying experiences, when she still was a young teenager while I was, well… a few years older. 

At the airforce base of Koksijde. In the far left a Seaking from the SAR flight.

Years ago while still living in Belgium on the old continent, I started my training for getting the private pilot licence. Following the first part of the schooling and  theory classes came the real thing after hours of required  flight training with an instructor to get familiarised with the planes: the first solo.  Hmm…Piece of cake to get the plane into the air! Only after that I realised also having to bring it down alone by my own, on the correct runway and in one piece  preferably, without damaging that flying thing or my own macho pride!

Later I passed a written exam, an oral radio phraseology exam and a practical, behind-the-wheel exam. After extra flying hours, more exams to get an international license and one allowing night flights.  It all went ok and after about 45/50 flying hours total and one year later, I got a VFR international license and my first certificates and ratings for single engine prop plane operation in my category of less than 5,7 tons, if I recall well.

IFR certified instruments of OO-TWA.

So, there we were, ready for starting our adventures. Ready for travelling the good old Europe by air and without being bothered by flight strikes of British Airways or Air France or Gawd forbid, the late S.A.B.E.N.A.   

Oh… and what about this post and its relation to food, you wonder?   Nah, I’m afraid this airline offers no food on board. We fly on a budget after all.  But we used the plane on several occasions for a destination near to some very fine restaurants abroad! More perhaps later. For the moment, let’s fly in the sky, enjoying clouds and trips

Between layers, still VFR

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