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I’ve nothing against fast food, be it like from Penang hawker places, Belgian fry booths or American hot-dog stalls 

However I do have something against those major chains producing food, or better: stuff only to fatten you with whatever stomach filling. I don’t eat at Pizza-Hut, KFC, Taco Bell or hamburger joints.I might eat some Mac Do as a snack but that will be 3 times a year max. Same goes for the “coffee” joints like “Star$” or similar. Hot boiled bitter dishwater in a paper mug is not exactly my thing. It reminds me of that Dutch Heineken: the only branded piss in the world served in lemonade glasses…:-)  [I really was unable to resist that one!]

But I’ll admit to visit on a weekly basis our local branch of Super Super. They are part of Café de Coral, a huge chain. I do like their simple Hong Kong Food like:

♦  Chok (Congee) with chuncks of fish, fine slices of  roasted pork, rings of squid and a few shrimps. All topped of with scallions and a few nuts. Add white pepper before eating!      ♦  Chee cheong fun, with a mix inside of chopped watercress, chopped meat, shallot and more. Put some soy sauce over before eating.    ♦  Turnip, prepared with greatly balanced herbs and spices,maybe with a lick of schrimp paste. Comes all grilled -or something like that.

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