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Hello everyone. A belated happy new year for 2010 and also an early “kung hei fat choi” for the coming Chinese new year and the arrival of the year of the Tiger… (not the beer and… neither Woods.)

Remember Tiger Woods and his wife's skills with a #9 iron?

Year of the Tiger?

 I’ve not been posting for a while but, as we just returned from a stay in Penang, the inspiration came back. For starters I’d like to write about a local specialty, maybe not  loved by all of us? A little bit of controversy here.

Evaluation by an Ang Moh: 

Durian is a fruit from South-East Asia, mostly unknown to Westerners who haven’t traveled in the region. Loved by most locals, the opinion of Westerners is more divided. In fact it’s definite an acquired taste (and even more importantly an acquired smell!)

 I admit I don’t like it and… neither does my wife, who is a Penang native but never liked the fruit. See: it’s not just Gwailos that have trouble with the Durian. They (the Durians, not the Gwailos, although ?) come in a few different varieties, some sweeter some more bitter. For the real lovers the more bitter tasting one is the best. The funny thing (Although I personally don’t see the fun of it!) is that the smellier they are, the better they are supposed to taste, all this according to some diehard lovers of the fruit.  The season for the Durians of Penang mostly runs from April till the end of June. The ones we bought last week came from other parts of Malaysia. Anyway, there’s a lot of other fruits and fruit juices around that I do like. Ever tried fresh nutmeg juice for example? Unknown in the West but heavenly refreshing. Just order it without extra sugar.

 In the mean time, I’ll leave the Durian to my mom in law, like I also leave the “Brussels cheese” (also very stinky) to my dad. I’ll settle for the food stuff I like more!  No hard feelings heh, you durian lovers?

Cheers all.

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